Resolution on multiple screens


I am using a second screen connected to my laptop. The laptop and the second screen have different resolutions and the Edit Window sometimes messes up.

Is there any way to configure Windows or Gauss to adjust its interface to each screen. I have been using some other programs with some options for that.

Thank you


2 Answers


Can you please try the following?

1. Right-click the GAUSS shortcut on the desktop and select Properties.
2. Edit the line that shows the full path to GAUSS and change it from:



C:\gauss20\gauss.exe -platform windows:dpiawareness=1

you may also get better rendering results using the 'fusion' style:

C:\gauss20\gauss.exe -platform windows:dpiawareness=1 -style fusion


Yeahhhh, this seems to work. The interface changes a bit, but, now I can actually read the code, thank you!

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