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Dear All,

I would like to upload data quarterly but I could not manage it. The code is as the following;

load data[121,4] = c:\gausslt9.0\t15q.txt;

frq = data[.,1];
period = dttostr(frq, "YYYY-QQ");

and frq column = (198601, 198604, 198607 .. so on), but I cannot print period in the format of 1986-Q1, 1986-Q2.., instead I obtained "0000-QQ"  for all quarters. What can be the problem? Thank you for taking time.

1 Answer


The problem is that you are using an old version of GAUSS that does not support:

  1. Short date-time scalar values.
  2. The QQ quarter format specification.

In more recent versions of GAUSS, print dttostr(198601, "YYYY-QQ"); will print out "1986-Q1" as I assume you are expecting. In GAUSS 9 the date-time scalar value must be fully filled in i.e.

 Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second
1986,       01,    09,    07,         32,         17
dt = 19860109073217;
print dttostr(dt, "YYYY-MO");

will print 1986-01.

Students can access the latest version of GAUSS Light at no cost. Since you are using GAUSS Light, I would recommend you get the latest version.

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