Qreg GAUSS library installation

Dear All,

I am trying to install the Qreg GAUSS library on GAUSS 15 which I downloaded from http://www.thierry-roncalli.com/Gauss.html.

However, I always get an error message each time I try to load the library. The error messages are as follows:

G0025 : Undefined symbol '_Qreg_h' [qreg.src, line 26]

G0025 : Undefined symbol '_Qreg_mtd' [qreg.src, line 27]

G0025 : Undefined symbol '_Qreg_algr' [qreg.src, line 28]

All attempts to rectify these errors have proved abortive so far for me. I will be very grateful if anyone can assist and put me through on how to rectify the errors as I am new in GAUSS.

Yours respectfully.

3 Answers


If you add the file qreg.ext to your Qreg library, this should resolve your problem. Click the wrench icon next to qreg.lcg in the Library Tool. Then select Add files and browse to locate qreg.ext.

Add a file to a GAUSS library.


Thank you very much. This really helped and I was able to load the library.

However, I run into another problem when trying to run the program. I keep getting the following error messages:

G0014 : File not found 'C:\gauss15\examples\qardl.prc' [demo.prg, line 5]

What I have in line 5 is #include qardl.prc;

I hope you will be able to help me once again.

Sincere regards.


Thanks I just figured it out. I changed the working director to where the ''qardl.prc'' is located.

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