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I try to save a bar plot in Gauss15 using the following commands:

dim = { 28, 18 };
plotSave("test.pdf", dim);

However, despite of what type of plot I am trying to save, resulted pdf file only displays one small piece of the plot (a upper-left corner) and it never saves the full graph.

I am using Mac with OS X Yosemite.

Thank you for any help!


1 Answer


This is a known bug in GAUSS 15 on Mac's with retina display. A maintenance release with a fix for this should be available in about two weeks. In the mean time, you can manually export your graph. On the "Help Page", select the "Overview" tab and then select "User Guide"->"GAUSS Graphics"->"Interacting with Plots in GAUSS"->"File export" to see a step by step guide to manually exporting your plot.

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