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I am using GAUSS 16 (MAC OS) and want to save a plot generated with PlotTS command in a EPS format. I have checked the help documentation for the PlotSave command and it seems that it is not possible to do so. However, the help for the "tkf2eps" command mentions that "Use plotSave to convert .plot files to EPS format."

I would like to know how can I save a plot using programming code (I do want to avoid transforming all graphics one-by-one to an EPS format).


Thank you very much in advance!

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I would strongly recommend that you use PDF instead of EPS. PDF is a vector format like EPS, so the image quality of the graph will be excellent.

Lev Bishop on the Tex Stackexchange gave a great summary by stating, "Use PDF. EPS cannot be imported directly by pdftex but must be converted using something like epstopdf. These conversion procedures will often cause unwanted changes to the graphics, such as lossy JPEG encoding of embedded bitmap images. Pdftex will include PDF files directly without making any changes (except for unifying fonts, and even that can be disabled if needed), so you can have complete control over the final result by generating a PDF which is exactly as you want it (assuming your image editing software gives you control over image encoding lossiness, colour spaces, etc)."

Part of the problem with EPS conversion is that EPS is not a standardized format. This is part of the reason that the translation from EPS to PDF (which is typically what you want in the end) often ends up different from the initial image. It also tends to create bloated image files and since EPS does not support transparency, it will cause problems if your GAUSS graph uses transparency.

For these reasons, Aptech strongly recommends PDF instead of EPS and is why it was removed in version 16. However, we have been hearing (despite all the reasons above) that some individuals still would really like EPS. If you would like help using PDF in your TeX documents, please contact Aptech support or ask a question on this forum. Or if you really, really think you want EPS support. Let Aptech know that you would like EPS support back.

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