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I'm using the pgraph libary to make a graph. However, the TKF File Viewer shows no points on the graph. I'm using Gauss Light 10.0. I'm loading the data in matrices properly, the graphs simply are not working. Tried with the university computers and it worked.


Anyone knows how to solve this?



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Here is a link to download a Qt based TKF graph viewer that will solve the issue for you. Follow the instructions on this page and you should be able to view TKF graphs correctly.

Please note that this viewer does not have animation capabilities and will display each graph in a separate window.


The graph pops up, but it's simply a black screen. Tried reinstalling, wasn't really the issue. It worked once, and the next time I run the script it just showed the old black screen.


1. What platform are you running on? Windows, Mac, Linux?
2. If you send the graphic file to support, we will take a look at the file and see whether the problem is with graph creation or display.


1.  I use Windows XP 32 bits, with Service Pack 3.

2. When I run the example files that generate graphics, such as panmate2d.e the same problem occurs. That means it's not my code. It worked once tho, but for some reason it works randomly. Right now it's not working at all.

Here you have the .tkf generated file:


Thanks for the quick answer!


We were able to view the graph.tkf file from the download url that you provided successfully. The graphic file appears to be OK.

Could you start the tkf viewer and try to view this file. Browse to your GAUSS installation directory and double click on vwr.exe. This will start the viewer and ask to you select a file to load. Try and load this file. If that does not work, could you provide a screenshot. It may be that your vwr.exe settings were changed and it would be easier to diagnose if we can see it.


Done. I tried changing the settings myself. When they were on default it didn't work. Graph still doesn't work.

Here's the screenshots, my vwr.exe file and the .tkf file.

Awesome support!


Forgot the link:

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