Panic Unit Root Test



I want to use panic unit root test to my series. But when i use panic test i come across error G0058: index out of range.  I cant obtain panic test result.

I use data T:22, N:23

But if i use another series which T:28,  N:9, i can obtain the result.

What could be the problem.

Thank you

2 Answers


Is this one of the Panic tests in TSPDLIB? If so, can you post the code that you used to call this function? If not, can you post a link to the code you are running?


Assuming you are using the panic tests provided in TSPDLIB, the error you are receiving when using T:22 and N:23 is occurring because N > T. Note that when using T:22 and N:9, you are able to obtain results because N < T.

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