Running Optmum with different versions of GAUSS

Can the same version of Optmum I used with GAUSS 7 run in GAUSS 10?

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You can use the same Optmum application that you used with GAUSS version 7 and use it with GAUSS version 10. Is this your question?


yes,you right



How about this error?Can you explain the solution to me

c:\gauss10\src\optmum.src(252) : error G0113 : Unclosed (
c:\gauss10\src\optmum.src(288) : error G0155 : Nested procedure definition
c:\gauss10\src\optmum.src(288) : error G0008 : 'proc(0) = optset' : Syntax error


These are errors that occur during compile time. Compile time is when GAUSS takes the text in your program file and turns it into a program that the computer can run. Any code that cannot be turned into a legal GAUSS program will cause a compile time error, for example:

x = rndn(5, 1

is an illegal program that would cause an error like the first one in your list: error G0113: Unclosed (. For comparison this program is legal and will compile correctly:

load numRows;
x = rndn(numRows, 1);

However, if when numRows is loaded it is a 3x3 matrix, then the program will fail at run-time. While the program is actually running, when the 3x3 matrix is passed in to rndn GAUSS will see that it is not a 3x3 matrix is not an appropriate input to specify the number of rows for the creation of the random matrix and a run-time error will occur.
Many times compile time errors are straightforward, like an unclosed parenthesis. However, some times they are more tricky to diagnose. This is because they can be caused things like missing semicolons ';'. If the semicolon at the end of the line is missing, then the next few statements will be interpreted as one statement that does not make sense.
To diagnose your problem try this

  1. Open a new GAUSS session.
  2. Enter: library optmum at the GAUSS command prompt.
  3. If that command causes no errors, Enter: optset from the GAUSS command prompt.
  4. If that succeeds, try to run the Optmum example program, opt1.e.

Report back any errors that you see from these steps and we should be able to get it up and running for you.


I have try your solutions but I don't have opt1.How about it?


And I have tri my program again, later appear

c:\gauss10\src\optmum.src(252) : error G0159 : Wrong number of parameters
Currently active call: optmum [252] c:\gauss10\src\optmum.src
Stack trace:
optmum called from c:\gauss10\src\optmum.src, line 252
optmum called from E:\gauss\MS_GARCH_PFT (1).txt, line 67

What's happening?


Error Undefined symbol: _optmum


Here is a link to download an optmum example program:

Optmum example program

However, since your installation does not have the Optmum example files, it is not a standard full installation of Optmum and may have other missing files from the installation.  I would recommend that you reinstall the Optmum application.

How to install GAUSS applications, for versions prior to GAUSS 13


Sorry, can you sand me the "optmum library"? I haven't found it.

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