Trying to install a GAUSS Application, but no option to select the application

I've been able to open my GAUSS15, but when I will install the optimum, there is no option to select the application. As follows

Inline image 2

What should I do?

Thanks before,

1 Answer


I cannot see the image that you added to your post. However, to install Optmum for GAUSS, from the main GAUSS menu select "Tools->Install application". This will open a wizard which will guide you through the (simple) process of installing a GAUSS application.

One of the steps is to select the file which contains the uninstalled application you which to download. In this case it would probably be the file If you cannot see the buttons to advance through the steps, you might need to make the Application Install Wizard window a little larger by dragging one of the corners.

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