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How do I increase the amount of RAM available to GAUSS?  I tried setting _maxbytes.  But when I run the procedure maxbytes, it returns the default of 1G.  Thanks.

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Recent versions of GAUSS can use all the memory that the operating system will allow.

maxbytes and __maxbytes is used in some GAUSS procedures that read in data from datasets. It controls how much data to read per iteration. A larger value will read a larger percentage of the dataset at once. This will typically be faster if your system has enough memory.

The maxbytes keyword returns the value of the __maxbytes global control value. You can use it like this:

//read and print current value of 'maxbytes'
mb = maxbytes;
print "maxbytes starting value = " mb;

//Set maxbytes to be equal twice its current value
mbnew = mb * 2;
__maxbytes = mbnew;

//read and print new value of 'maxbytes'
mbfinal = maxbytes;
print "maxbytes ending value = " mbfinal;

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