Error G0025: Undefined symbol

I am trying to write code to solve problem 5 chapter 16 of Greene's Econometric Analysis 6th edition.  I have a single sample has the weibull distribution.  Gauss keeps telling me that my alpha and beta are unidentified. 

However, I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.  I have the solution to the problem but I want to run the code to see if I get the correct result. Here is my code:

load data[20,1] =C:\Users\Assma\Desktop\GAUSS\HW3Data.txt;

//initializing global variables


proc f(x); 
   local fcn;
   retp( -sumc(fcn) ); 

1 Answer


Are you meaning to assign alpha and beta to be equal to zero? If so, you need to change these two lines:

//initializing global variables
beta > 0; 
alpha > 0;

to use the equals sign like this:

//initializing global variables
beta = 0; 
alpha = 0;

Making this change will remove the error you are reporting.

The code as you originally had i.e (beta > 0;) is evaluating whether beta is greater than zero. It will return a 1 if beta is greater than zero or a 0 if not. However, in this case since they were not assigned, it will just give the "Undefined symbol" error.

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