Mac Big Sur update

I am not able to run the Gauss program after updating mac OS to Big Sur. I am not sure whether it is only me but was wondering if some one can take a look into this.

Thank you very much!

2 Answers


It looks like Mac broke compatibility with the underlying framework that GAUSS uses for the user interface with the release of Big Sur. We've discovered a temporary workaround for GAUSS 20 that works until a permanent fix is deployed.

Please change '20' to the version of GAUSS that you are using. Also note that this workaround has only been tested on version 20.

1. Please open (via Spotlight)
2. Type the following commands:


I've added this to a shell script that you download and place for easy startup going forward if you'd like (instead of typing the above commands each time):

cd ~/gauss20
chmod +x

You can now just run this script to start up GAUSS:



Thank you very much.

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