labels on bar graph on a diagonal

I would like to plot a 48x1 vector of counts, each is associated with a string label (e.g. 'aaaab', 'aaaae',,,). All of the string labels are 5 characters long.    If I run these labels horizontally,  I have to make the font unreadably small to have the graph print the label.  I was thinking I would run these at an angle.

I know I should use plotSetXTicLabel(&myPlot, ????, -45) with ???? being a "sprintf() style formatting string".   I cannot find a way of putting in the middle argument that does not give me a 'type mismatch' error.

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Never mind!  Not sure why I couldn't figure this out in the first place, but plotSetXTicLabel(&myPlot, "*.*s", 90) works just fine.


GAUSS will ignore the label-format argument if an empty string is passed in:

plotSetXTicLabel(&myPlot, "", 90)

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