Undefined symbols: '__is_chunk_size_bytes' and '__chunk_size' when running any script

Hi there,

I'm trying to run some scripts on a fresh new installation of GAUSS 19.1 and I'm running into some problems.

I try running run ols.e as soon as I boot up the program, and GAUSS gives me two errors:

G0025: Undefined symbol: '__is_chunk_size_bytes' [gauss.src, line 111]

G0025: Undefined symbol: '__chunk_size' [gauss.src, line 130]

This happens when I try to run ANY kind of script. Do you have any idea what's happening?

I've looked into the code and seen how those two values are supposed to be "reset" by the gausset function. But when I try to run gausset, GAUSS gives me the same error.

On the other hand, when I manually set the two values (as seen below), GAUSS works just fine.

__is_chunk_size_bytes = DEFAULT_MEMORY_CHUNK;
__chunk_size = 1;

What's happening here?

Will I have to manually set both of those variables EVERY TIME I open up GAUSS?


1 Answer


Problems like this are almost always caused when a user copies some files into their GAUSSHOME/src directory and accidentally overwrites one of the GAUSS source code files.

__chunk_size and __is_chunk_size_bytes should be defined on lines 41 and 42 of the file GAUSSHOME/src/gauss.dec and lines 35 and 36 of GAUSSHOME/src/gauss.ext. If either of those references is not present, then your GAUSS source files have been modified and are the cause of the problem.

It is possible that the problem is because some other files were copied over, such as gauss.src. Either way, reinstalling GAUSS 19 will resolve the problem. After reinstalling GAUSS, make sure not to copy over those files.

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