Investigating values in debug mode

Hi there,

Why is it that the index variable controlling a for-loop shows up as <uninitialized> in debug mode, even when I'm in the middle of the loop?

For example, look at this snippet of code:

for i (1, 10, 1);
    j = i + 1;
    print i j;

When I'm in debug mode and on the third time around the loop, I try hovering my mouse over the i and j variables. i shows up as <uninitialized> but j shows up with the expected number. And the code doesn't have any issues running or anything like that.

Why is that?


1 Answer


This is because of some optimization that is done by the GAUSS compiler for for loops. During a program run the loop counter is not a standard GAUSS variable like the others. As you know, it can be used in calculations and indexing without a problem, but it is not now available to the debugger to inspect.

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