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Many of my GAUSS programs runs in loops reading and writing from and to Excel in every loop. Some programs take 30 min. to run and during that period it is impossible to use Excel because the various Excel files are flashing on the screen. If an Excel file is opened anyway during the prosessing it is quite difficult to get out Again. Is there any way to avoid this? Can it run in the background somehow?

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By default GAUSS for Windows reads Excel files by interacting with the version of Excel installed on your computer. GAUSS (version 13 and later ) also has capabilities to read and write Excel files directly, rather than interacting with Excel. To tell GAUSS to read and write the files directly instead of using Excel, open the file GAUSSHOME/src/xls.src (GAUSSHOME is the location to which you installed GAUSS, by default it will be something like C:\gauss15). Around lines 38-40 you should see this:

   #define USECOMEXCEL 1

You need to comment out all three of these lines, so it looks like this, instead:

//   #define USECOMEXCEL 1

Typically having GAUSS directly read and write to the Excel file is quite a bit faster than interacting with Excel. However, communicating with Excel is more full featured.

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