error G0030: Insufficient Memory : MaxLikMT


I have been estimating a discrete choice model using the application MaxLikMT, but have been getting an insufficient  memory error, either while calculating the gradient or hessian. Here is the full error:

C:\gauss11\Workingfiles\TestV1(1198) : error G0030 : Insufficient memory
Currently active call: lpr [1198] C:\gauss11\Workingfiles\TestV1
Stack trace:
lpr called from C:\gauss11\src\maxlikmtutil.src, line 521
maxlikmtgrad called from C:\gauss11\src\maxlikmt.src, line 653
maxlikmt called from C:\gauss11\Workingfiles\TestV1, line 1260

I would appreciate if anyone could suggest on dealing with this memory issue.

Thanks and Regards,


1 Answer


It looks like that line of code is using the threaded version of the gradient calculation which uses more memory. Try turning off the high-level GAUSS threads by setting the maxlikmtcontrol structure member useThreads equal to zero before your call to maxlikmt.

//declare structure
struct maxlikmtcontrol c0;

//fill in structure with default values
c0 = maxlikmtcontrolcreate();

//Add this line to your structure set-up
//to turn off threads
c0.useThreads = 0;

This should allow your program to run successfully.

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