Indexing Procedures inside a loop

I have the following two procedures that I'd like to call in a loop:

proc intg1(x);
   retp((x .* dlnm(x,mu[1],sigma[1])));

proc intg2(x);
   retp((x .* dlnm(x,mu[2],sigma[2])));

To do that, I have found this additional procedure :

nms = &intg1 | &intg2 ;
proc intgh(x,h);
local intg;
   intg = nms[h];
   local intg:proc;

which should return intgh(x) whenever intg(x,h) is called inside the loop "for h=(1, 2, 1)". The problem is that I use intg with the command intquad1, which does not allow me to specify the argument of intg (x,h).

Any idea on how I could alternatively index the intg procedures inside the loop?



1 Answer


The current version of GAUSS (starting with version 16), is able to pass additional arbitrary arguments to the integration and optimization procedures. Here is a simple example:

scl = 1;
limits = 1|0;

intquad1(&scaleSin, limits, scl);

proc (1) = scaleSin(x, scl);
    retp(sin(x) .* scl);

This should resolve your problem unless, the extra variable, 'h' in your case, changes during a single call to intquad. If the variable is changed during the call to intquad, then you would have to make 'h' a global variable. In this case, 'h' would not be passed into your procedure, it would just be referenced, for example:

scl = 1;
limits = 1|0;

intquad1(&scaleSin, limits);

//Using global 'scl'
proc (1) = scaleSin(x);
    retp(sin(x) .* scl);

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