Illegal use of reserved word G0276: 'load'

Hi, I'm trying to run the following program but it says that the bolded line uses load illegally. I presume this causes further problems in the rest of the program.

new ;
load path = "C:/Users/progsdata/ind323\twotype";
save path = "C:/Users/progsdata/ind323\twotype";
output file = "C:/Users/progsdata/ind323\twotype\exp2.out" reset;

/*     this uses output from smplxxx.gau which creates the distribution of initial state
variables  f(x/y0, type)   */
stime=hsec ;

load data = "C:\\Users\\progsdata\\ind323/mil323"
load fx0=fxb ;

/*  sorted plant/sim.  cols are (x1, x2) for each combination of type/y0.  fxa uses x's generated
by type and yo.  fxb also uses residuals for exporters   */

The error message is

Line 41 in C:\Users\progsdata\simulate323.gau
Illegal use of reserved word G0276 : 'load'

1 Answer


The problem is that the line:

load data = "C:\\Users\\progsdata\\ind323/mil323"

is missing an ending semi-colon, so that line and the line below are actually one statement.

load data = "C:\\Users\\progsdata\\ind323/mil323" load fx0=fxb;

which is not a legal statement. Add the semi-colon like this:

load data = "C:\\Users\\progsdata\\ind323/mil323";

and the code should run.

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