I recently experienced problems using the "xlsReadM" command. Sometimers it work, other times not!

Error output: (no messages in the Debug section)

Error in xlsReadM: Could not load file V:\Vol_indices\Text-Journals-Relevance-Vol\Equity_Markets\obequinor\parameter_information.xlsm
[xls.src, line 955]

Currently active call:

File xls.src, line 957, in handleXlsError

File xls.src, line 113, in xlsReadM
retp(handleXlsError("xlsReadM", file, err));
File Spot_equinior_parameter_path_plot.e, line 20, in <main>
a0 = xlsReadM(file, "a2:a7501", arknr);

1 Answer


Most likely the problem is related to the data file being on a network share. I would try moving the file to a local folder and see if the problem continues.

Could you tell me:

  1. Which version of GAUSS you are using?
  2. Do you have Excel installed on this computer?

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