"G0025 : Undefined symbol: 'coset’ “ error message.

I recently installed the CO and COMT library. These libraries show up in the GAUSS Library Tool, but when I run some old code that requires these libraries I get the error:

G0025 : Undefined symbol: 'coset’

What do I need to do to get GAUSS to recognize that these libraries are installed?

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1. Installation.  Verify that the GAUSS Applications have been installed correctly:

  • Verify that the Application Installer Wizard was used to install the GAUSS Application from within GAUSS (v11-14).  See /support/installation/using-the-applications-installer-wizard/ for instructions.
  • Try and run some examples for each GAUSS Application installed.  Set the working directory to the examples folder under your GAUSS installation directory such as c:\gauss14\examples\
  • Run the CO and COMT examples such as: c01.e, co2.e, comt1.e, comt2.e, etc.
  • If these work, it tells us that the GAUSS Applications have been installed correctly

2. Library Statement. You may need to include a library statement in your program to make the library's functions available.

  • Place a library statement such as the following at the top of your program:

library co;
library comt;

3. Functions.  Ensure that the functions you are calling are in same libary as the library statement.

  • For example, if you are using the function coset which is found in CO, you need to make sure that you are calling the co libary.
  • Some programs may require more than one libary statement depending on the individual functions called in your program.

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