I cannot find C or C++ functions in Gauss Library. How can I find these functions detail?

Hi, I want to ask a question about funcitons which are written in C or C++ program language. For instance I have a code line like this;




and I wanna learn how filterb function works and how it handles other inputs (y,x,beta0,p00,amat,hlast,q,n,l) in the program. I have searched it in all gauss libraries but unfourtunately I couldnt find it anywhere. Moreover these functions are not implemented in src.code file, so I do not know how get these functions' detailed explanations. I need these author's unique code to comprehend softwareflowchart. Thanks for your interest...


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There are three types of functions in GAUSS:

  1. GAUSS intrinsic functions:
    The functions are written in C or C++ or Fortran and are internal to the GAUSS executable. The source code for these functions is not available. Some examples are eig, rndn and exp.
  2. GAUSS procedures:
    GAUSS procedures are written in GAUSS code. You can view and modify the source code and step into them using the GAUSS debugger.
  3. dllcall functions:
    These functions are preceded by the keyword dllcall when used in a GAUSS source file. The contents of a function called with dllcall is from a compiled language such as C/C++ or Fortran. The source code for these functions will sometimes be available and sometimes not, depending upon the author of the code.

I suspect that most of the functions you want to view are GAUSS procedures so that this will be possible. filterb, for example, is not one of the GAUSS intrinsic functions. Based upon the line you posted it is not a dllcall function either. So if you can call this function, you can also view the source code.

One of the best ways to learn the workings of a procedure is to step through it in the GAUSS debugger. The GAUSS debugger will allow you to step through GAUSS procedures line by line and to view the entire contents of any matrices, structures or string arrays during the program execution. When you get to the line with the GAUSS procedure you would like to enter, click the "step in" toolbar button and you will be taken inside of the procedure.

You can also search through multiple directories with the GAUSS Source Browser to find the definition and usage of a procedure. Open the GAUSS Source Browser by selecting "View->Source Browser". Then specify what you want to search for.

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