How to run .f90 Fortran code in Gauss?

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Is it possible to implement .f90 Fortran files in GAUSS? I have a few model codes and functions in Fortran .f90 format. I read that it is possible to run them in GAUSS. Is there any a how-to or an introduction that describes how this works?

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You can certainly run Fortran (77/90, etc) from GAUSS. The steps are:

1. Make sure the function you want to call takes one or more double arrays (or double pointers if you make a C/C++ wrapper).
2. Compile the file into a shared library.
3. Place the shared library file (.dll, .so or .dylib) in the GAUSSHOME/dlib directory.
4. Load the shared library file into GAUSS, using the 'dlibrary' command.
5. Call the function described in item #1 above, using the 'dllcall' keyword.

These links should help:
Tips on calling C functions from GAUSS.
Question about how to export symbols in Windows DLL called from GAUSS.


Do I need a fortran compiler for point 2.?


Yes, you will need a Fortran compiler for step 2. There are many available. Intel makes a good one. PGI is another good commercial option ( They have a community edition which you may qualify for. Finally, there is also the GNU compiler collection which has a free Fortran compiler ( I am not sure that it is as fast as the first two options, but it is of high quality.


Thanks a lot for this useful answer.

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