How to recall the Model parameter outcomes on the screen after been deleted using CLS?

I would like to know what is the proper command to recall the model parameters on the screen once been deleted using CLS.

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What you need to do to reprint the parameters to the screen will depend on what function printed them in the first place. If you are using one of the GAUSS Application Modules like CMLMT/MaxlikMT/OPTMT, then you will just run the applications print function again. For example, the last lines of the CMLMT example file look like this:

struct cmlmtResults out1;
out1 = CMLmtprt(CMLmt(&lpr,p0,d0,c0));

The GAUSS function CMLmtprt, prints the parameter values among other things. If you want to print that output again after entering cls, then you could execute this command:

out1 = CMLmtprt(out1);

If you need help with a different function, or have other questions, please feel free to ask!


Thank you very much, this information was so helpful,


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