How to generate scalar names in a loop

I am still quite a beginner with GAUSS... I know the varput function allows me to create matrices with a name based on my loop. Is it also possible to create scalars in such a way so that I can automate it in the loop? If not, what would be the most elegant alternative solution?

Thank you!

position = 5;                
if countries eq 2;
    for k(1,6,1);
        name = strput(kvector[1,k], "i_", 3);
        y = varput(position, name); 
        position = position+1;

2 Answers


Most likely you do not want to create all of those scalar values. Depending on how you want to use the data, you would probably be better off with either a structure to hold the data for each country or a vector to contain these scalar values.


The scalar values are supposed to be column indicators that are called upon in a later part of the code. Since I didn't write the majority of the code myself the scalar names are already distributed around the code already. I tried using a element 1,1 of the varput matrix (that has the name I want for the scalar) as a column indicator, but this did not work due to the multiple closed square brackets.

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