How the Maximum Likelihood Estimator MT loading data

Hi all,

Since I execute Maximum Likelihood Estimator MT 2.0 disk package examples, it can run. But when loading data, the example didn't involve original data, so I'm very confuse the function how to load data.

Is there anyone have Maximum Likelihood Estimator MT 2.0 syntax about loading data, and describe the syntax content for me. If you have, please kindly share with me.

Thank you.






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The example file mlmthypotest.e loads some ASCII data with the load command towards the top of the example program. Make sure to change your working directory to be the GAUSSHOME/examples directory (the directory in which the mlmthypotest.e file is located) before running this example.

How you load data will differ a little depending upon what format the data is in. If you have data in an Excel spreadsheet you can find a tutorial on loading Excel data into GAUSS here.

If you have any questions about how to load a particular data file please post them.


Hi thanks for your answer:


But when I tried the result as below:

G0008 : Syntax error '#include maxlikmt.sdf struct DS d0'
G0008 : Syntax error '.dataMatrix'
G0008 : Syntax error '.dataMatrix'






We know how to load data in Gauss, but when we run the Maximum Likelihood MT 2.0 packages, it all occurred same error message:

G0008 : Syntax error '#include maxlikmt.sdf proc lpsn(struct PV p, struct DS d, ind)'

G0017 : WARNING: LOCAL outside of procedure 'local m,y,x,b'

G0507 : Undefined structure 'modelResults mm'

so is the same way to load data in MT 2.0?

but we still need to know MT2.0 have any powerful effect with original Gauss,

can you fix the MT2.0 examples problem or resend another examples for me.

thank you.








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