How large a matrix can I read from Excel?


I am trying to read from an Excel file a matrix of numerical values which is approximately 8000*8000 in size. I just get an error message.

"Error in xlsReadM. Data read fail for some cells"
[xls.src, line 999]

Is it the size of the matrix that causes the error or is something else wrong?

1 Answer


GAUSS does not add any additional limit on the size of Excel files. So you should generally be able to read and write from a file with 8000 rows and 8000 columns.

However, since each Excel cell has many different customizable attributes, the files can get very, very large. When they are saved on your hard-drive, the .xlsx files are in a zipped format so they don't seem as large. But when you read and write from them the data has to be unzipped which can cause you to run out of memory.

I just saved an 8001x8001 matrix to a .xlsx file and it took 14 GB of RAM at the peak of the save.

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