How do I restrict the use and protect my rights to algorithms developed in GAUSS and compiled with the GAUSS Engine?

I would like to provide GAUSS files compiled in the GAUSS Engine to others, and am wondering about security issues in terms of restricting use and protecting my rights to the algorithms I have developed in GAUSS.  I would compile my programs in GAUSS using the compile commands and give others the right to use the algorithms.

If I provide the compiled GAUSS files, would it be possible for another to somehow decompile them, in order to get access to my algorithms? Even if my end user was not able to decompile my code, could they pass them onto an expert who could?

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The only way it would be possible for someone to gain access to compiled GAUSS code is by running it under the GAUSS debugger. You can prevent this by turning OFF line number tracking. Turn this off in the 'gauss.cfg' file. Around line 111 of 'gauss.cfg', set the 'transtrack' variable to off like this:

transtrack =       off

Then there will not be anyway to decompile the code. You can verify by trying to run the compiled GAUSS code in the GAUSS debugger.

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