How can I save a .out file as a gauss database ?

This looks like an easy question, but it might be somewhat tricky, especially using the "open" command and creating a file handle.


Thank you!

1 Answer


Your first step will be to load the data into GAUSS. Here are some tutorials that may help:

  1. Reading and writing CSV data with GAUSS.
  2. Loading variables from a file.

Once your data and variable names are loaded, then you need to write the data file using the saved command. Here is an example that will work if you have your data loaded into a GAUSS matrix named X and your variable names in a string array named varnames.

// Name of the file you want to create
fname = "crossgd.dat";

// Make variable names uppercase
// since it sounds like you are running
// some code that may count on that
varnames = uppper(varnames);

// Create the dataset
saved(X, fname, varnames);

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