How can I fix the length of z-axis in 3D graph?

Hi everyone~ I'm trying to overlap two 3D graphs with two "window" command. But as the data varies, the graphs deform sometimes. I've tried to fix the z-axis by fixing ztics, but it didn't works. "_plotsiz" is designed for 2D graph, so it didn't help either.

Here is the link to the graph:

Is there actually a way to fix the length of z-axis in 3D graph? ?

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The axmargin function can give you some control. It will allow you to narrow the x and y axes pretty easily. You can then turn off the second frame box and set of axes with _pframe and _paxes.

However, I think it will be much simpler and more straightforward to scale your final set of z data than it will be to fiddle with the axes.


Unless I am misunderstanding something, I think it would be much easier to add the new data for your 4th plot as an extra column and just draw one graph. Is there a reason that would not work?


Well. Because the data values of the deformed graph, which is called "N", is much smaller than the data of the other graph. If I put them on the same graph, the N data points will be all on the floor, and I wouldn't be able tell the difference among them.

In this simulation, the purpose is to see the distribution of "N"(green dots), and see if the green dots chase  those blue & red  dots. The relative value of green to blue dots is not relevant.


Did you mean multiplying "N" with a scaler? You'er absolutely right!! I didn't think of that because I was trying to plot "N" with "xyz", and blue & red data with "surface" before.

Thanks a lot!! ^^

I still need to control the length of z-axis, though. They got deformed from time to time even when there is only one layer of graph. Narrowing down the margin doesn't guarantee to give the right height of Z axis.

GAUSS staff should give user real control over the length of axes of 3D graph, instead of letting us struggle with it. That should have been a basic function!!!!

Looks like I need to write to them.

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