How can I create a new matrix where each element has a constant value?

I would like to initialize a matrix of a specified size where each element is equal to a constant value. How can I do this in GAUSS?

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You have a few choices on how to initialize a matrix where each element is equal to some constant value. Which you choose will depend upon your program and which seems most clear to you.

Here are a few methods to initialize a 2x4 matrix in which each element of the new matrix is equal to 17.

1. Use the ones or zeros functions:

const_val = 17;
new_mat = const_val * ones(2, 4);

2. Use the reshape function:

const_val = 17;
new_mat = reshape(const_val, 2, 4);

3. If you will know a particular value at compile time (meaning before any variables are assigned values), the you can use #define and the let statement.

#define CONSTVAL 17
#define NROWS 2
#define NCOLS 4
let new_mat[NROWS, NCOLS] = CONSTVAL;

You do not have to use all uppercase characters with the #define statement. However, it is a common convention to do so. It is helpful when reading code, because if you see a variable in all uppercase that is a strong hint that it is probably a #define'ed value.

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