How can I automate the 'save' of variables with sequential names

I would like to save a number of variables to a file with sequential variables names, for example x1, x2, x3, etc. Is there a way to abstract this, and put it in a loop so that I do not have to type:

save x1;
save x2;
save x3;

1 Answer


Here is a procedure that will accomplish your task:

proc (0) = saveSeqVars(varname, nvars);
   local outname, tmp, i;
   for i(1, nvars, 1);
      outname = varname$+ftos(i, "%*.*lf", 0, 0);
      tmp = varget(outname);
      save ^outname=tmp;

Using this function, the call:

saveSeqVars("myvar", 3);

would be equivalent to:

save myvar1;
save myvar2;
save myvar3;

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