Help of solving Illegal use of reserved word G0276: 'library'


I am a new starter of GAUSS. I have got codes for a new model and want to run them to test the results.

When I tried to run these codes, I noticed this error at the beginning

Illegal use of reserved word G0276: 'library'

Below are my codes:



load path=C:\gauss9.0\Gfile

library pgraph, optmum;



format /rd 16,3;

declare w_scheme, _innov, _K, y_mat, x_mat, _const, AR, z_mat, M, M_V, w_mat, _predict, _p, _options, FTS, dummy, xxx_mat;

I have the pgraph and optmum library. If this caused by without having graphset and optset library, could I ask where I could download them?

Many thanks.

1 Answer


Hello Poppy,

The problem is that GAUSS uses semi-colons, ;, to separate statements. Since the load path line does not end with a semi-colon, the next line is also part of the first statement.

// Without a closing semi-colon, it is interpreted as one statement
load path=C:\gauss9.0\Gfile library pgraph, optmum;

If you add a semi-colon to the end of the load path line, like this:

load path=C:\gauss9.0\Gfile;

This problem should be resolved.

The command optset is a part of the Optmum library and the command graphset is part of the pgraph library, so you do not need any additional libraries.

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