graphs do not show up

I am using gauss 15 with windows 8 64bit . I can run a code smoothly which generates some graphs and graphs just do not pop up. I have looked for some solutions on this website, and know that It could come from the vwr.exe . but I cannot open it. Any suggestions??

4 Answers


Your system is probably missing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 x86 redistributable package. You can download an installer from Microsoft here.


Thank you for your suggestion!! I uninstalled all the Microsoft Visual C++ versions, then I re-installed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 x86 redistributable package, restarting my system, but nothing changes. still unable to open vwr.exe.


What happens if you double-click on vwr.exe in the gauss15 folder? Does it try to open, or not? Can you right-click on vwr.exe and select "Run as administrator"? Does that start vwr.exe?


Have you solved this question? I tried too to uninstall and reinstall again the Microsoft Visual C++ but vwr.exe doesn't even work with admin status.

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