Hello, I am new to Gauss 21, coming from using Gauss 8 as the last version.

My question is: Has the way graphics are constructed changed? I ran my old code through Gauss 21, and, when I reached the graph part, nothing happened.

Below is the way I was used to construct graphs in Gauss 8:

title("Volatilitatea implicita Black-Scholes");
_pltype=6;_pdate = ""; _pnum = 1; xlabel("Timp");ylabel("Volatilitate implicita");


Also, i activated the library at the beginning of the program, in this way:

library optmum,pgraph;
pqgwin many;

Thank you!

2 Answers


There are new graphics commands in GAUSS that create much nicer looking graphics. You can read about them in these blogs.

However, the PQG graphics still work in the current version of GAUSS. If the graphs do not show up when you run them, most likely you need to install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 C++ redistributable.

The VS 2008 redistributable is freely available from Microsoft for you to download and install. The link for it changes sometimes, so I will not post it. However, it is easy to find with a quick internet search.

After it is installed the old PQG graphics should work just fine.


Thank you alot for the quick answer! And thank you for the recommandation as well! I will look through it in order to use Gauss at it's best capacities!

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