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I am using gauss 14 with windows 10 64bit . Until two days ago, I could run a code which generated some graphs and graphs just did pop up. Now I am trying to run the same code, it is much slower for such a simple code, then for a short while gauss window says (not responding) and then is says finished but ) I cannot see the graph.  There is actually a tkf file saved in the working directory but I cannot open it either. Any suggestions??

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It sounds as if there is a problem with the TKF graph creation. To confirm that it is at this stage that the problem arises, try commenting out the code that draws the TKF graph and see if the computations alone run smoothly.

Once it is confirmed (or rejected) that the problem is in the creation of the TKF file, we can look at that more closely. I would suspect that either there is a permissions file which is causing a problem for the TKF graphics viewer, or a recently installed program has caused a problem. However, first confirm that the TKF creation is the cause of the problem.


I actually asked this question months ago. At that time I played around a bit, uninstalled and reinstalled GAUSS. the problem then disappeared. But now I got the same problem again. Do you have any suggestions? when the command drawing the graph is outcommented, the code runs smoothly.


I'm now having the same problem (Windows 10 Home, Gauss 20).

I'm new to Gauss, I just installed it a few days ago and this problem occurred from the beginning.

What should I do?



A good way to diagnose the problem is to go to open your GAUSS installation directory in Windows File Explorer and double-click on vwr.exe.

vwr.exe in GAUSS Home folder.

a) If when you double-click on vwr.exe, you get an error message similar to:

The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.

It means that you need to download and install the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2008 x86 redistributable. This is available for free from Microsoft. The link may change, but if you do an internet search for "Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2008 x86 redistributable", you will easily find the official Microsoft download site.

b) If a blank vwr.exe opens as shown below, then the problem is most likely that you are running GAUSS in a directory without write privileges. Change your GAUSS working directory to a location which you know has write privileges (such as your user home directory) and retry.

Blank vwr.exe.

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