I'm trying to call gradient.src procedure and also have gradient.ext file included, but for all matrices placed in gradient.ext file i get the error "undefined symbols" like below. I'm using light version of gauss. What can be the problem? Thank you for taking time.


Undefined symbols:
_grdh c:\gausslt9.0\src\gradient.ext(23)
_grnum c:\gausslt9.0\src\gradient.ext(24)
_grsca c:\gausslt9.0\src\gradient.ext(25)
_grstp c:\gausslt9.0\src\gradient.ext(26)

3 Answers


The GAUSS Application Modules Optmum and Constrained Optimization (CO) both have a file named gradient.ext. I suspect that the problem is that you have some code from one of those applications modules, but the application module is not installed correctly. Do you know which of these application modules you are trying to use? What the name of the zip file from which they were installed?


Optmum is the module that i've installed. I solved the problem by the way. Thank you for taking time.


Hi, How did you solved this problem? I am also getting the same issue.

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