Getting errors to load help file

I installed CAUSS 13 at my laptop and when I load it, I found an error such as

"Could not load help files from location "C://~"" and I couldn't use help. Possibly My user name is not written in English language (it's Korean, but I don't know how to rename it. It doesn't change. My window is Window 7 Home premium K - here "K" means Korean version)

How can I repair this?

2 Answers


The help files should be located in %APPDATA%/Aptech/gauss13/help. %APPDATA% is an environment variable that should resolve to  C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming on Windows 7. Please check to see if that folder exists. It should contain two files gauss.qhc and gauss.qch. If those files are present, it may be due to a problem with the Korean user name.

Try to create a new folder called 'help' maybe in C:\gauss13 or something. Next copy the gauss.qch and gauss.qhc files to this directory. Finally set an environment variable called GAUSS13_HELP to point to that directory. Here is a link that explains how to set environment variables on Windows 7. This should solve your problem.


If you receive this message while installing/using GAUSS 14:

This message is coming up because during installation, GAUSS was not allowed to place the help files in the correct location. You should be able to resolve this by right-clicking over the GAUSS icon and selecting "Run as administrator". This should allow GAUSS to place the help files in the proper directory. If this works correctly, you should not have to run GAUSS as administrator any more.

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