GAUSS14, i can open .pgm program file, but it didn't run

Recently I bought GAUSS14. I have one file and data. I  can open .pgm program file, but it didn't run. When I try it at my friend's pc with GAUSS13, it worked.

I put the program file and data at one specific directory.


I have chagned .pgm to .g  it seems better because .g makes gauss14 icon.

I have downloaded emp.pgm and citidata.txt from

I also put the program and data at C:gauss14 directory, but it still didn't work.

Please help me.


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I may be missing it, but I could not find emp.pgm and citidata.txt. I was able to find exm.pgm and citi.txt. Are these the correct files? If not, could you kindly point me to the correct link on that page?

I was able to successfully run this file in GAUSS 14. GAUSS does not enforce a file extension for GAUSS program files. Therefore, it should not matter if the file has a .pgm extension or .g. GAUSS 14 for Windows has file associations set up for the most common GAUSS file extensions (such as .g, .gss, .src, .e). This is why you see the GAUSS icon when you change it to a .g extension.

I have one guess of what could be causing the failure on your computer. Line 24 of the file exm.pgm contains:

load xv[84,20] = citi.dat;

If you saved the 'citi' data file with a .txt extension (possibly by pasting it into Notepad and saving), then you would get the error G0014: File not found.. If that is the case, simply making the name of the data file on your hard-drive the same name as the name on line 24 of the file should solve your problem.

Let us know if that does not get you up and running.

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