GAUSS Engine project cannot locate the mteng library

I have a GAUSS Engine project that uses the Java API and works fine on my computer with the GAUSS Engine installed on it. But when I move it to another machine without GAUSS, I get the following exception when attempting to instantiate the GELib object:

The mteng library could not be found at the location supplied for the engine installation.

What might be the cause?

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There are a few reasons that this could happen.

  1. The Java API is going to look for the mteng.dll or mtengrt.dll in the directory to which the environment variable GEJAVA_HOME is pointing at. If neither mteng.dll or mtengrt.dll are in this directory, you will get the exception that you are receiving.
  2. If the mteng.dll or mtengrt.dll cannot find all of its dependencies, this will result in the Java API being unable to load the DLL and will also return this exception. The dependencies for the mteng.dll and mtengrt.dll fall into two categories.
    1. GAUSS provided dependencies, which include:
    2. The Windows Visual Studio C++ 2008 and 2005 redistributables.

The Windows VS redistributables can be downloaded directly from Microsoft at the following links:
VS 2008 32-bit
VS 2008 64-bit
VS 2005 32-bit
VS 2005 64-bit

First check the value of GEJAVA_HOME, next make sure that the directory has all the correct contents, finally install the Microsoft VS redistributable packages.

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