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I am new to Gauss Engine and would like to compile a project to run without Gauss.  Are there simple examples or documentation?



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Python and PHP examples

If you want to create a program with PHP or Python, the open source project GSOOP (download here) is a great option. GSOOP allows you to easily integrate GAUSS Engine examples into programs written in Python or PHP. It includes example files.

Java examples

If you would like to interact with GAUSS though Java, the Java API produced by Aptech systems, comes with several example files.

C-language examples

The GAUSS Engine comes with a few C example files. The files eng2d.c, mtcall.c and mtexpr.c use the engine shared library that must be run on a computer with a valid GAUSS license. If you are going to be using the GAUSS Engine with a C-language program, you should start with these.

Next up in complexity are the files grte01.c and grte02.c. These files use the GAUSS Run-time Engine shared library. This is the version that can be redistributed to others. This version can only run compiled GAUSS code. You must compile your GAUSS code into .gcg files before they can be run with the Run-time Engine.

The GAUSS Engine comes with a Makefile for these examples. To compile and run these examples on Windows, you would open a Visual Studio command prompt, then chdir to your GAUSS Engine installation directory. Then you can build any of the examples by entering: nmake . For example:

nmake mtcall


nmake eng2d

This will create an executable named .exe. You can run them from this same Visual Studio command prompt by entering the executable's file name. For example, enter:


or enter:


Chapter 2 of the GAUSS Engine manual (mtengine_14.pdf located in your GAUSS Engine installation directory) has a brief discussion of this. Chapter 4 of the manual discusses creating applications that can be redistributed to other computers.

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