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I am running Gauss 16 on Windows 10 on a laptop with a native resolution 3200X1800.  Because of the high resolution screen, I had to scale text etc 250% in Windows 10.  When I run GAUSS 16, the toolbar icons look very small and the Preferences menu can't display all items.  Is there a workaround other than setting the resolution to a lower level (because that kind of beats the purpose of buying this laptop; switching between two resolutions seems to mess up all screen arrangements).  TIA.

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You can force the GAUSS UI to use a different DPI setting when launching by editing the qt.conf file in your C:\gauss16 directory and adding the following lines to the end:

WindowsArguments = dpiawareness=1

The next version of GAUSS (17) will support high dpi screen configurations without any additional modification.


Thanks for the quick response, especially at this hour.  I added the two lines at the end of the said file using Notepad.  But nothing changes - the screen looks exactly the same as before; icons are still very small (I can adjust the font size in Preferences).  Am I doing something wrong in the qt.conf file?


Can you please change the dpiawareness=1 to dpiawareness=0 and see if there are any resulting changes that improve the behavior you're describing?

You can also apply this setting by right-clicking the GAUSS 16 icon on the desktop and changing the existing path of the 'Target' field:


C:\gauss16\gauss.exe -platform windows:dpiawareness=0


Changing the dpiawareness=1 to dpiawareness=0 does make the icons larger and more visible; but it blurs the text fonts - it looks very much like the "display scaling on high DPI settings" (see the attached screenshot).  For now I may have to settle for that.  But in the next release of GAUSS it would be great to keep the text sharp while scaling up the icons on a high resolution display.  Thanks!

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