Gauss 10 vs. 13 Error 193: Dynamic Library

I'm not that familiar with Gauss and am taking over a project from someone else and am running into some issues. Previously, the code was written using Gauss 10(32), but then I had to add more files and the program no longer ran. The inclination was that the data was too large so in order to take full advantage of my RAM space, I had to upgrade to the 64 bit version. First of all, does this make sense? Because now using Gauss13, I am not able to use a dynamic library and get the LoadLibrary error 193: Error opening dynamic library. Like I said, I'm very very new to Gauss and the dynamic library is basically a black box created by a former worker. Any input would be appreciated!

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Yes, 32-bit programs have a limit on the RAM that they can use. A 64-bit program can use all available RAM on your machine. So if you were running out of memory, then moving to the 64-bit version should solve that problem.

The reason that you cannot load the dynamic library is that 32-bit programs can only load 32-bit DLL's and 64-bit programs can only load 64-bit DLL's. This is not a limitation that is specific to GAUSS, it is a limitation of all computer programs. This is a problem, but there is most likely a way to solve it.

Most likely your colleague either wrote the code for the dynamic library, or downloaded the DLL from the internet. If he wrote the library and you have his source code or can get it, then it is a simple matter to recompile it. We can certainly assist you with that. If it was downloaded from the internet, the original project probably has the source code which can be found with a Google search and then recompiled.

Also sometimes older GAUSS programs use DLL's for functions that were not available in GAUSS at the time, but are available now. In that case it is much simpler, to simply reference the GAUSS function instead of the DLL.


I think I was able to get the source code (.src file). How do I recompile it for a 64 bit?

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