G0433 : Cannot find DLL function 'PSZTGSEN' [PsTgSen.prc, line 132]


when I try to run some code (written around 2000) I get the following error

G0433 : Cannot find DLL function 'PSZTGSEN' [PsTgSen.prc, line 132]

Line 132 in PsTgSen.prc calls the procedure PSZTGSEN, i.e.

dllcall PSZTGSEN

Adding this command (one line before the previous one)

dlibrary -a PszTgSen;

gives the following two error messages

/home/username/gauss23/dlib/libPszTgSen.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

G0432 : Error opening dynamic library '/home/username/gauss23/dlib/libPszTgSen.so' [PsTgSen.prc, line 132]

This seems to be related to this question (32 vs 64 bit): https://www.aptech.com/questions/error-message-about-gauss/. However, installing newgensys_16 did not help.

Can somebody help me to get this dynamic library?

PS: I would also upload the file PsTgSen.prc, but I could not find a way to do so. I happy if someone can tell me how.

2 Answers


newgensys_16 should have what you need. You need to replace your version of gensys.src with the version that comes with newgensys_16. You also need to remove the command:

dlibrary -a PszTgSen;

The functionality from PszTgSen and a couple other DLL's were added to gensys.dll (for Windows 64-bit), libgensys.dylib (for Mac) and libgensys.so (for Linux). So make sure that libgensys.so is in your GAUSSHome/dlib directory and use this dlibrary statement instead.

dlibrary -a gensys;


Thanks for the quick reply. I followed all steps but still got the error message

G0433 : Cannot find DLL function 'PSZTGSEN' [PsTgSen.prc, line 132]

I managed to get GAUSS find PSZTGSEN by adding gensys.src to to my library user.lcg. That's not how it's supposed to work, but it does the job for me.

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