Error G0432: Error opening dynamic library




I'm a new user for this program. I got stuck on the following:

When I ran Gauss code, the error message is : Loadlibrary  error 126 occurred.

error G0432: 'C:\gauss13\dlib\PszTgSen.dll': Error opening dynamic library.


Can any one explain what does it mean and how to fix it?

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The error you are reporting:

Loadlibrary  error 126 occurred.
error G0432: Error opening dynamic library.

almost always happens because someone tries to load a 32-bit DLL in a 64-bit version of GAUSS (or the other way around). The other less common possibility is that the DLL you are referencing does not have all of its dependencies. You can check the DLL's dependencies with dependency walker on Windows, the command line tool otool on Mac or the command line tool ldd on Linux.

Aptech has made a 64-bit version of the particular DLL library that you are referencing. We will happily provide this library to anyone free of charge. To obtain it, send a request on the Aptech Contact Us page.


Here is an updated zip file containing Frank Schorfheide's Gensys code with shared libraries that will work for Windows 64-bit, Mac and Linux. The shared library contains all the code that was in the four separate original DLL's. This updated version has only one shared library (gensys.dll for Windows 64-bit, libgensys.dylib for Mac and for Linux).

If you are using the 'gensys' procedure in your code, you should replace that procedure with the version in the zip file. Also you should remove the dlibrary statements that reference the old code such as:

dlibrary PsZgees;

from your code as that shared library has been replaced by the shared libraries listed above.

This zip file also has an updated version of gensys.src which references the new shared library,

Click newgensys_16 for the latest 64-bit DLL that works with GAUSS 16.

This zip file must be installed with the GAUSS Application installer from within GAUSS. The Application Installer will place the shared libraries in the correct location and will place all other files under GAUSSHOME/gensys. The Application Installer is found under the "Tools" menu button from within GAUSS.

Please click here for additional help on using the Application Installer Wizard.

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