G0087 : Couldn't open file

I am getting the error G0087 : Couldn't open 'C:\Users\zhuzixiang\Desktop\Output_Gap\Literature\English\2012\dataverse_files\output\lik_uc.out' [uc.gau, line 71]

@SETUP OUTPUT [email protected]
output file=output/lik_uc.out reset;
output file=output/prmtr_uc.out reset;
output on;
"Model (type~sb)";
"Estimated parameters";
"(standard errors)"; "";
output off;
output file=output/uc_hp.dta reset;
output file=output/uc_0.dta reset;
output file=output/uc_ur.dta reset;
output off;

1 Answer


Most likely you are receiving the error "G0087 Couldn't open file ' 'C:\Users\zhuzixiang\Desktop\Output_Gap\Literature\English\2012\dataverse_files\output\lik_uc.out'", because the 'output' directory does not exist in the 'dataverse_files' directory. If you create the 'output' folder, the problem should be resolved.

The other less likely problem is that the 'output' folder does exist, but GAUSS does not have write privileges in that directory.

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