G0025 : Undefined symbol: 'initial_values'

How can I solve this problem?

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The error G0025: Undefined symbol: 'initial_values', means that your code is trying to reference a variable called inital_values. However, your code has never given a value to initial_values. For example:

// Remove all variables from the GAUSS workspace

// Try to assign the value of 'inital_values' to 'x'.
x = initial_values;

The code snippet above will reproduce your problem. The new command removes all variables (matrices, strings, structures, etc) from your GAUSS workspace. Then the next line of code tries to assign the value of inital_values to x. Since new cleared out all variables, we know that initial_values has never been given a value.

To resolve this problem, you need to assign a value to inital_values before trying to use its value.


itrns=1000; dmy=1;
rndseed 1;
library pgraph;
{H,Ho,HH,HoHo,T,bN,n,l,d,o,mxv,pp, kd, rhob}=initial_values(dmy);

Then I get this error

G0025 : Undefined symbol: 'initial_values'


Based on the code snippet you posted

{H,Ho,HH,HoHo,T,bN,n,l,d,o,mxv,pp, kd, rhob}=initial_values(dmy);

initial_values is a procedure (or function). This is not part of the main GAUSS library or application modules provided by Aptech. Most likely this procedure was written by the author of the code you are trying to run. The start of the procedure definition will look like this:

proc (14) = initial_values(dmy);

This procedure definition is what you need to find.

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