G0025 : Undefined symbol: 't'

As I run the following program for vartia algorithm always got the error "Undefined symbol: 't' on line 30". How can I solve it? Thanks.

clear p, y, s;
p0  = 0.75;
pt  = 1.5;
y0  = 720;
num = 100;
let b = 4.95 -14.22 .082;
call vartia;
proc q(x,b);
    local p, y, z;
    p = x[1];
    y = x[2];
    z = b[1] + b[2]*p + b[3]*y;
    retp (z);

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proc (0) = vartia;
    local del, p, np, ny, y, tcv, h, g, cv, dwl, dhdp, icnt, j, oldy, newy, xc, xt, ybase;
    tcv = y0;
    ybase = y0;
    del = (pt-p0)/num;
    p  = p0;
    y  = y0;
    np = rows(p);
    ny = np+1;
    xc = q(p|y,b);
    j  = 2;
    do until j>num;
        icnt= 0;
            icnt = icnt + t;
        p = p0 + (j-1)*del;
        oldy = y;
        xt = q(p|y,b);
        cv= 0.5*(xt+xc)' del;
        newy = cv + ybase;
        y = newy;
        if (icnt == 500);
            "Not converged";
        endif ;
        xc = xt;
        if (abs(newy-oldy)>.0001);
            goto cont;
    tcv = y- tcv;
    dwl = tcv-(pt-p0)'q(pt|y,b);
    "TVC=" tcv;
    "DWL=" dwl;
    "stder TCV=" sqrt(x);
@[email protected]

1 Answer


There are a couple of problems in this program. The first is related to 't', which is only referenced on two lines:

icnt = icnt + t;



The problem is that the value of 't' is never set. 't' needs to be assigned a value before it is used the first time.

The second problem is that 'x' is used on this line without ever being defined:

"stder TCV=" sqrt(x);

The other uses of 'x' are in this procedure:

proc q(x,b);
    local p, y, z;
    p = x[1];
    y = x[2];
    z = b[1] + b[2]*p + b[3]*y;
    retp (z);

Since 'x' is passed in to the procedure 'q' as an input, it is a local variable. This 'x' exists only inside of the 'q' procedure.

So to make this procedure work correctly, you need to set 't' and 'x' to some appropriate value before the program tries to use them.

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