G0025 : Undefined symbol: '_op_ver' [optmum.ext, line 7]


I'm trying to run my gauss code which uses the Optmum library. However, I got the following error messages:

G0025 : Undefined symbol: '_op_ver' [optmum.ext, line 7]

G0025 : Undefined symbol: '_opalgr' [optmum.ext, line 8]

I pretty sure that I installed the module app_opt_3.1 correctly through Menu > Tools > Install application. Also, my code is well written. Also, I noticed that I am not able to run an example file (.e) from the example folder. In fact, I got the same error messages.

I'm using Gauss 19.1 and the full version of the optimization 3.1 and optimization MT 2.0 modules. Thank you


Please, could you advise me? thank you!

1 Answer


The error messages:

G0025 : Undefined symbol: '_op_ver' [optmum.ext, line 7]

G0025 : Undefined symbol: '_opalgr' [optmum.ext, line 8]

mean that GAUSS cannot find the optmum.dec file which is part of the Optmum library. That file is the location where those variables (_op_ver and _opalgr) are defined.

This could be because either:

  1. The Optmum library is not loaded.
  2. There is a problem with the Optmum installation.

You can load the Optmum library with the statement:

library optmum;

More likely, however, it is a problem with the installation.

The most common reason for an application module (like Optmum) installation failure is that the user's web browser automatically unzipped the application zip file. Then the user selected the extracted folder such as app_opt_3.1, rather than the zip file app_opt_3.1_WIN.zip when using the GAUSS applications installer.

Or after the browser unzipped the zip file, the user then zipped it up again, but not how it was originally packaged.

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