G0014 : File not found 'rdc_rp_rc_ascb.fmt'


I have a problem with the following line of code : 

load B = rdc_rp_rc_ascb;

when I launched it, I received the following message G0014 : File not found 'rdc_rp_rc_ascb.fmt'.

However, the file is in the folder that contains the program.


1 Answer


By default, the GAUSS load command will search only the GAUSS current working directory for the .fmt file.

You can check your current working directory by entering the command:

// Print your current working directory
print cdir(0);

You can change your GAUSS working directory, either by using the working directory toolbar widget at the top of the GAUSS user interface or with the chdir command:

// Windows example
chdir "C:/Users/YourUserName/Documents";

// Mac example
chdir "/Users/YourUserName/Documents";

// Linux example
chdir "/home/yourusername/Documents";

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